Razorbacks vs. LS-WHO?

Well, last weekend the hogs played LSU in Little Rock and kicked butt! Personally, I am more interested in the people and food during these games than the actual football part, but I still managed to see a few cool plays(all of which occured when John would wake me up as I snoozed on the couch). Ah, true fan here.

Hey, at least I'm honest.

Anyway I ended up supporting the hogs in other ways. Like making cupcakes. And a cake. So there.

The first cake/cupcake order was for Cathleen's husband's birthday. It was a make-up order from the wrecked cake she ordered back this summer (read here to see the "disaster cake." That's its name. Really.) Luckily, this order actually survived.

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
Covered in red fondant and painted. :)

And of course, the infamous hog faces. About 100 of them.

Okay, not 100...30. Same difference.

I also made a batch of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing for John's parent's tailgate. I was going to do hog faces, but my hands couldn't take it anymore after all of those for Cathleen, so I just did some simple ones.

At least, they were simple. Until I pulled them out of the fridge the day of the tailgate, and all their perfect little red dots had turned a pukey-pink color. I may not be the biggest football fan, but I could not have that. So I did what any normal person would do. I picked them each off and replaced them. On 24 cupcakes. Yes, I'm crazy.


Refinished cupcakes, packaged and ready to go.

So they turned out pretty good. AND they looked pretty sweet next to Erin's awesome cookies (check out her blog here). So jealous of her mad skillz.

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  1. MacKenzie ReynoldsDecember 4, 2010 at 3:27 PM

    great cupcakes kati!!! i wish i could do cupcakes i'm TERRIBLE at them!