Back from my Vay-CAKE-sion!

Hello all! As you may have guessed/assumed, I am back from my vay-cake-sion and ready for cake orders! Please let me know if you have a special event that you need a cake or cookies for, and I'd be happy to pencil you in.

Okay. That was a really short post.


Cupcake Apron

I have the most creative titles for my post, don't I?

Anyway, today I'm going to talk about my (drumroll please) CUPCAKE APRON! Many of you may have seen Sex and the City 2. In it, Charlotte is wearing the cupcake apron.

While I was in D.C. over the summer, I happened upon the same one. So I did what any normal young woman would do.

I bought it.

Sorry for the terrible photo...bad lighting and an iPhone will do that to ya.

Stay tuned for a new cake!


Go Hogs Go!

Well, the Razorbacks came to town last night, so John and I decided we might as well join in on the tailgating fun! His parents had a tailgate so we got spruced up and headed into the heat. For those of you not familiar with how we do it here in Arkansas, football is a big deal, and our tailgating events are the best.

Before that, though, I made some special treats in support of the hogs. They turned out really well until they started to melt. Luckily, I got this picture before all their little snouts started running off their faces. Enjoy!

To top off the end to a wonderful day, the Razorbacks won 31-7 against Louisiana-Monroe. Go Hogs Go! John and I will have to make it up to Fayetteville for a game soon!