Anyone Want a Cake?

So I've decided that as long as I make at least 1 cake a month, I'm doing pretty good with this whole "learn how to make cakes" business. But this month, I am drawing a blank, so I decided to come up with a post to see if anyone wants me to make them a cake.

Cake-making is SUPER fun but I run into the problem of paying SO much for the ingredients that go into them! Therefore, I'll make anyone a cake for free as long as they provide the money for the ingredients. No big deal right? Each cake I have made has taken me about 8+ hours to make, so I will be doing all the labor for free. You get a cheap custom cake- I get to make it and have fun. It's a win-win situation!

So if you want me to make you a cake let me know. I will do ANYTHING you want!!!


I Hate Cookies...

Alright. Apparently, John and I are terrible at decorating cookies. Terrible. So bad, I almost didn't post them on here because I didn't want anyone to think, "Gah, those cookies look terrible!" But, I'm posting them. Please don't judge (haha).

I could post that this was all John's fault. After all, he is the only person I have pictures of actually doing anything to the cookies. But that would be wrong. It was the two of us who created this horrible mess. Notice the blue spots of icing covering the entire table. Notice the one on John's knee. It was bad...

This photo is for the people who will say, "Oh, they weren't that bad..."
Grimace. Yes they were.

This picture is for the people who said, "Oh, you were right...
Don't ever do cookies again!!" Shush up- they weren't THAT bad... :)

Regardless of how you feel about the cookies, I will tell you one thing- I probably will not be trying them again. Or maybe I will. At least I know they can't get worse than they already are.

Until next time...