MJ Cake

Well, when I was asked to make a cake for Maggie featuring Michael Jackson, I was at a loss for what to do. You see, I wasn't exactly the biggest MJ fan. Not that I disliked him, but come on--he was kind of creepy. So her boyfriend sent me an image of a silhouette he wanted me to use, and that's basically all I had to go on.

Here's the initial "inspiration" image sent by Maggie's BF:

What I ended up doing was cutting the silhouette of MJ out of black fondant and putting it on top. Then, I added black fondant balls with silver balls in between to carry out the theme of black and silver. Finally, I cut out the words "Happy Birthday" out of white fondant and dipped them in disco dust (which is AWESOME but has me covered in sparkles even now...) and wallah! All of it was edible and I thought it turned out awesome!

Special thanks goes out to John, the best guy ever! He helped me so much with this cake, and even went to the store for me to buy all the glitz and glam (aka silver stuff) needed for it. What a great guy! Anyway, wanted to send a shoutout to him and let him know how thankful I am to have him in my life! Love you babe :)

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