Paul's Va-Va-VROOM Cake

Also known as his Ferrari cake.

Last week, my sister Eliza threw her boyfriend Paul a surprise party and I made the cake. We decided to go with a Ferrari theme, so the cupcakes were red and yellow and the cake had the logo on it. All in all, it turned out pretty cute (except for the fact that I CANNOT get fondant on smoothly...) and I think everyone really liked it!

Me, Eliza and Paul...Paul...Paul...("My Name is Earl" reference there)

Here's a close up of the horse. It's just drawn on a piece of fondant with an edible marker. And yes, I realize that the S and the F for the logo are not on there, but I chose to go without. There just wasn't enough room! I think it turned out pretty good though.

Hope your birthday was wonderful Paul! I am so glad you are my sister's beau!

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