Thomas the Train

I have been desperate to show you my latest (and greatest) creation: Thomas the Train cake!

I made it for my favorite little boy in Fayetteville, Ben. It was his 2nd birthday and he LOVES Thomas. Like seriously--he is obsessed. Here's the cute little guy

(how could I say no to that face?!)

And here is the cake! Very proud I must say. Very proud. The cake is a chocolate cake with a buttercream icing. Decorations are fondant (yes I made the Thomas as well as his friends coming out of the tunnel. Clever, I know.)

Here's a closeup of the top. I thought it was sooo cute and could've been served like that alone :) Hope you enjoyed!


Sushi Cake

The sushi, bowl, ginger, wasabi, and chopsticks are made out of fondant. The soy sauce is maple sugar with brown food dye to make it a little darker. I think it looks pretty good. I would love to do another one because I learned so much while doing it--I bet my next one will be even better.

The cake is spice cake with caramel icing. The icing is an old family recipe and is practically heaven on earth: it literally melts in your mouth. It's tricky to make though, and hardens quickly so getting it onto the cake is difficult (hence the slightly rough look). Despite its looks, it turned out GREAT and I'm happy to post it!


Too Bad You're Not A Midget

Discussion between my roommate, Jill, her mom, and me:

Jill's mom: "Do you want to make cakes for a living?"
Me: "No. You don't make any money making them!"
Jill's mom: "Oh...You would if you were on TLC, like Cake Boss."
Jill: "Yeah. Too bad you're not a midget."

Too bad, Jill. Too bad.

On another note, I know I did not make a cake for April, but I'm making three during May so keep your eyes open for them.

May 15: Sushi cake!!
May 22: Thomas the Train cake!!
May 27: Suprise cake!!

Looking forward to it!