Cupcake Craze

I guess it's been a cupcake sort of week. This was my 3rd cupcake batch in the past 5 days! I did these for a good friend of John's, Brad. Love that guy to death so when he asked me to make some last-minute cupcakes for his mom's birthday, I just couldn't say no!

Before this week, I never really understood the whole cupcake craze, but now I am totally into it. Not only are the delicious, cute and sweet, but they are a helava-ton easier to make than cakes, which require longer baking time, more construction time, more icing time, yada-yada-yada. Maybe I'll just do cupcakes from now on.

Only joking. Or am I?

I Scream, You Scream We All Scream for ICE CREAM

This weekend I made some sweet treats for Addie, a little girl who I used to nanny for. She had an ice cream themed party and turned the magic number 3! They grow up so fast...

For the party, I made 24 pink swirl cupcakes with big sprinkles. They were chocolate with cream cheese icing and they were SO GOOD.

close up of the cupcakes

Birthday girl with a birthday cupcake. Look at her cute dress!

But that's not what I was really excited about (although they were pretty much the best tasting cupcakes I've ever eaten). I was excited about the ICE CREAM CONES! Each of these adorable cones is filled with a cake ball (cake+icing mixed together and mushed into balls) and then coated in vanilla candy melts. Topped with chocolate and a fondant cherry, they were the cutest things I've ever seen.

Can you see the "dropped cone" in the middle of the stand on top? It was done on purpose and I thought it made the perfect top to the perfect stand (see info on stand below)

John made the stand and did a great job! He only had about a day's notice and spent his entire Friday making this for the party. Turned out PERFECT. Couldn't ask for a better guy.
Oh, and don't worry. I paid him back with a trip to the movies to see Inception. And I have a feeling he'll find some cash in a pocket of his one of these days seeing as he refuses to take moolah from me...

On another random side note, I didn't take the pictures either - Addie's dad, Steve did them since I refused to stay at the party for too long, knowing that I would only stress about something terrible happening (see disaster cake here for insight into what sort of nightmares I have). Anyway, they turned out great and I'm going to have to look into getting a better camera so I can take pics like these!

I love the little girls' faces in this as they eye the ice cream cones. Too cute!

I had a blast doing this (didn't cry once!) and would love to do it again. Word on the street was that everything tasted scrumptious and people went home happy. That's what we want, folks.

I'm out. Cupcake post #3 will be up later...

I got the idea for the ice cream cones from Bakerella. She has an amazing blog here, and you should totally check it out and see all of her wonderful creations!


Last Day Cupcakes

Today ends my 3 month internship at Thoma Thoma, where I've been doing graphic design. It has been absolutely wonderful, and to show them how much I love them all, I made some sweet treats for my last day!

Each cupcake had a different colored Thoma Thoma logo that I thought fit everyone best.

The back of each cupcake had their own little thank you note on it!

So farewell, Thoma Thoma - stay in touch! And HELLO Sells Agency! Can't wait to get to know all of you.

Love, love, love,