New Blog

Well actually it's an old blog. Before I started kati's cake project, I started a blog called Color Me Kati. With the cake blog out of steam (and me finally having time for myself) I thought kicking up the old blog would be a fun change of pace.

If you want to continue to follow my awesome, exciting life, head on over to www.colormekati.blogspot.com


New Cake and New News

This past weekend I went to Dallas for my friend Abbey's bridal shower. She is getting married in June and I haven't seen her in probably a whole year, which is crazy! We were freshman roommates at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and have had an awesome friendship ever since. In fact, I am "the" reason she and her fiancee, Tim, even got together!

Anyway, her aunt, who was hosting the shower, asked me a few months ago if I would make a cake. Of course, I was so excited to agree! Unknown to me, however, was the fact that I would be moving the week before the cake was due. Talk about stress! With all my stuff everywhere, I couldn't even begin to find half of my things, so I ordered the cake (no icing/decorations/etc.) from Blue Cake Company, a bakery here in town that I LOVE. Luckily, they agreed to bake the cakes for me, which saved me so much stress! I was able to ice and fondant the cake on Thursday night, take it to Dallas Friday and present it with its decorations on Saturday. So, without any further ado (not sure how to spell that but you get the point)….here is the cake:

The setup was beautiful!

Me, the bride (Abbey) and April.

Now for a bit of bad news: I'm afraid I won't be making cakes anymore (unless I've already agreed to make one for you!) Wanna know why? Here you go:

1) I got a new puppy

Meet Ella! She has grown SO much since this photo was taken over a month ago!

2) I just moved

3) I work full time

4) I love to sleep

5) This guy needs more of the chill Kati!

The only time we fight is when I have a cake due!

So anyway, hope everyone understands. I'll try to keep the blog updated every once in awhile!


I'm a bad blogger

I'm not dead, if anyone was wondering. Life has just been crazy and I've been neglecting my blog ever since I hit the "blog once a month for a year" mark. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm going to be updating sometime next week, and I'll tell you all about what's been goin' on!


MJ Cake

Well, when I was asked to make a cake for Maggie featuring Michael Jackson, I was at a loss for what to do. You see, I wasn't exactly the biggest MJ fan. Not that I disliked him, but come on--he was kind of creepy. So her boyfriend sent me an image of a silhouette he wanted me to use, and that's basically all I had to go on.

Here's the initial "inspiration" image sent by Maggie's BF:

What I ended up doing was cutting the silhouette of MJ out of black fondant and putting it on top. Then, I added black fondant balls with silver balls in between to carry out the theme of black and silver. Finally, I cut out the words "Happy Birthday" out of white fondant and dipped them in disco dust (which is AWESOME but has me covered in sparkles even now...) and wallah! All of it was edible and I thought it turned out awesome!

Special thanks goes out to John, the best guy ever! He helped me so much with this cake, and even went to the store for me to buy all the glitz and glam (aka silver stuff) needed for it. What a great guy! Anyway, wanted to send a shoutout to him and let him know how thankful I am to have him in my life! Love you babe :)


Paul's Va-Va-VROOM Cake

Also known as his Ferrari cake.

Last week, my sister Eliza threw her boyfriend Paul a surprise party and I made the cake. We decided to go with a Ferrari theme, so the cupcakes were red and yellow and the cake had the logo on it. All in all, it turned out pretty cute (except for the fact that I CANNOT get fondant on smoothly...) and I think everyone really liked it!

Me, Eliza and Paul...Paul...Paul...("My Name is Earl" reference there)

Here's a close up of the horse. It's just drawn on a piece of fondant with an edible marker. And yes, I realize that the S and the F for the logo are not on there, but I chose to go without. There just wasn't enough room! I think it turned out pretty good though.

Hope your birthday was wonderful Paul! I am so glad you are my sister's beau!


Razorbacks vs. LS-WHO?

Well, last weekend the hogs played LSU in Little Rock and kicked butt! Personally, I am more interested in the people and food during these games than the actual football part, but I still managed to see a few cool plays(all of which occured when John would wake me up as I snoozed on the couch). Ah, true fan here.

Hey, at least I'm honest.

Anyway I ended up supporting the hogs in other ways. Like making cupcakes. And a cake. So there.

The first cake/cupcake order was for Cathleen's husband's birthday. It was a make-up order from the wrecked cake she ordered back this summer (read here to see the "disaster cake." That's its name. Really.) Luckily, this order actually survived.

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
Covered in red fondant and painted. :)

And of course, the infamous hog faces. About 100 of them.

Okay, not 100...30. Same difference.

I also made a batch of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing for John's parent's tailgate. I was going to do hog faces, but my hands couldn't take it anymore after all of those for Cathleen, so I just did some simple ones.

At least, they were simple. Until I pulled them out of the fridge the day of the tailgate, and all their perfect little red dots had turned a pukey-pink color. I may not be the biggest football fan, but I could not have that. So I did what any normal person would do. I picked them each off and replaced them. On 24 cupcakes. Yes, I'm crazy.


Refinished cupcakes, packaged and ready to go.

So they turned out pretty good. AND they looked pretty sweet next to Erin's awesome cookies (check out her blog here). So jealous of her mad skillz.


A Different Kind of Cake

Last week, I ventured into a new decorating adventure, only this time it was a DIAPER cake! My older sister's best friend is having baby Coen in January, and my sister needed my help with the cake. She put it together, and I helped with the ribbons and bows.

Then, she finished it with the toys and baby things. I thought it looked wonderful! What do you think?

The finished cake! Looked awesome.

Please excuse the gross pics. iPhone doesn't always do the job right.