I. Hate. Cakes. (A RANT)

I hate cakes. Really. Hate Hate Hate. Wanna know why? Because of days like today. When everything goes wrong and I look at the clock and it's almost 2 and I have made no progress. I hate cakes!

I realize that many cakers out there feel this way. We all cry, break down, throw something, and are generally displeased with the outcome of our cakes in one way or another. Unfortunately, this happens to me about every time I make a cake. I end up cursing at the ceiling, wondering why on earth I put myself through this torture.

So here is what has happened (thus far!) today:

I woke up at 8:30 to get started. Bought some supplies and got to cooking around 10. Feelin' good! (even though I spent, OH, $50 at Hob Lob). Cake bakes quickly and first two are out in 20 minutes. YAY!

Then disaster strikes. I have made the cakes MUCH too thin so I have to make more (which I haven't done yet), a shoe breaks for a shoebox cake I am making so I spend an hour trying to fix it (to no avail), one of the cakes isn't cooked fully, both cakes crack down the middle, I run out of icing, and thus, break down. Which brings me to where I am now. Hating cakes.

Hopefully you will look at this blog on Monday and see two gorgeous cakes on display. But I'm tellin' you right now - I'm gonna hate them and curse myself until this weekend is over.

Back to the store. Attempt #2 must get underway.


  1. Good luck, you can make it! I have a cycle I go through when I'm 'caking.'
    Elation, followed by frustration, followed by self-doubt, then I turn happy, then back to elation. If I have to deliver the cake, add scared sh*tless to that list before the last 'elation.'
    Just press on. I can proudly say that I can now make a cake without cussing. (But I still do sometimes!)

  2. You my friend are extremely talented! You can do this and of course you are going to have hardships... it makes you not take for granted the good moments in life... and if a food fight errupts atleast something good happened out of it. But I do understand your frustration! I've been cutting carpet for the past hour or so in the heat trying to build a dang rabbit cage for Mr. Biggs. Sad to say, my Friday isn't turning out as excelent as I hoped. Best of Luck! It's going to turn out fabulous! Can't wait for those pictures come Monday! ---Sending Luck your way!