Graduation Cake

Cake #2 of the weekend: Claire's graduation cake! I am so proud of how it turned out. Claire is a good friend of mine who I met in middle school (wow, I'm old...) and we went to high school together. I am an intern at her parent's ad agency and loving it and they asked me to make a cake to celebrate her graduation. She went to Wellesley (gotta double check the spelling...yep that's right!) and majored in French and Astronomy. Congrats Claire!

I love that little bookmark! SO CUTE!


  1. Thank you, Kati! Everyone loved the cake (several people didn't even realize it was a cake at first!), and it was delicious. Hang in there when the cakes aren't going your way because you are a great decorator!

  2. Love the tassel and the lettering looks fantastic!

  3. this cake is amazing! every little detail looks prefect. i love the purple tassel!