I Hate Cookies...

Alright. Apparently, John and I are terrible at decorating cookies. Terrible. So bad, I almost didn't post them on here because I didn't want anyone to think, "Gah, those cookies look terrible!" But, I'm posting them. Please don't judge (haha).

I could post that this was all John's fault. After all, he is the only person I have pictures of actually doing anything to the cookies. But that would be wrong. It was the two of us who created this horrible mess. Notice the blue spots of icing covering the entire table. Notice the one on John's knee. It was bad...

This photo is for the people who will say, "Oh, they weren't that bad..."
Grimace. Yes they were.

This picture is for the people who said, "Oh, you were right...
Don't ever do cookies again!!" Shush up- they weren't THAT bad... :)

Regardless of how you feel about the cookies, I will tell you one thing- I probably will not be trying them again. Or maybe I will. At least I know they can't get worse than they already are.

Until next time...


  1. I don't think the cookies are so bad. My birthday is March 19 :) And John's birthday cake looked awesome!

  2. the cookies LOOKED delicious to me!!! that's the most important thing, right? LOL! Keep trying, you shouldn't give up on anything b/c I have known you a long time and I KNOW YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!! XOXO