John's Birthday

Okay! Finally, another cake to upload! I apologize in advance that the photos are a bit blurry but here is John's Birthday cake!

It is made out of yellow cake with chocolate icing. Decorations are made out of fondant and buttercream icing. Hope y'all enjoy!

The cake before any decorations were put on it.

John is added. He looks a little chubby cause the
fondant got affected by gravity. Oops!

River rocks!

Almost done...

The finished cake!

Close up

He was really suprised!

Me and John with his cake! Love you hun!

Now that John's birthday is over, I'm not sure what my next project will be. I'll probably make some cookies or something for Valentine's Day. Other than that, I'm not sure. If you have an idea (a birthday perhaps) let me know- maybe I'll make a cake for YOU!


  1. Kati!! I'm so impressed by your cakes! Wow! You are amazing, as always. I look forward to future blog updates; I am now your follower. Check out my blog @ abbeyskitchen.blogspot.com

    Love you,

  2. Maybe you can make a love cake next (a slice of my love, bite of heaven, frost yourself!!) and it can be a pre-req to the amazing wedding cakes I know you will make some day!!!