Anyone Want a Cake?

So I've decided that as long as I make at least 1 cake a month, I'm doing pretty good with this whole "learn how to make cakes" business. But this month, I am drawing a blank, so I decided to come up with a post to see if anyone wants me to make them a cake.

Cake-making is SUPER fun but I run into the problem of paying SO much for the ingredients that go into them! Therefore, I'll make anyone a cake for free as long as they provide the money for the ingredients. No big deal right? Each cake I have made has taken me about 8+ hours to make, so I will be doing all the labor for free. You get a cheap custom cake- I get to make it and have fun. It's a win-win situation!

So if you want me to make you a cake let me know. I will do ANYTHING you want!!!


  1. ok kati, i am SO going to try and think of a reason for a cake because yours are SO good. wow! i'm so impressed and i hope you get some good orders :) -noel

  2. I wish I had read this earlier. One of my friends just got engaged. Actually I'll get you to make one for a shower but that'll be in the future. If I come up with a crafty idea for the boyfriend I could get you to do one for him. His birthday is April 6. -- I think you are going to do great at this challenge that you are taking on. Can't wait to see more pictures!