Hi Hat Cupcakes!

I have been dying to try these out ever since I saw Bakerella's post here. I made a small batch of Razorback cupcakes for my cousin, and decided the leftover cupcakes provided the perfect opportunity to try these babies out.

First thing (after making the moist chocolate cupcakes...MMMMM) was to make the frosting. I had never done the double-boiler thing before, so it was tricky, but I just followed Martha's recipe here and it worked out! Here's the picture of the "stiff peaks" the icing is supposed to achieve:

After I did that, I piped the icing (which was suprisingly light) onto the cupcakes as TALL AS I COULD (about 2 inches-ish) and put them in the fridge while I melted the chocolate goodness.

And finally, dip the frosting (upside down..YIKES) into the melted chocolate. This, I must confess, was truly frightening and I was scared more than once that my icing would plop off of the cupcake. Luckily, it stayed in place! Although I would say that next time, I'd double the chocolate so that I don't run out!

And here's the finished product!

For the recipe, try Martha's.

And yes, I do sometimes take my pictures outside. A point-and-shoot camera doesn't exactly take the best photos and I need a lil help from Mr. Sunshine.


  1. Glad they turned out well! I've also been dying to make these since I saw her post. I just really haven't had a reason to yet. Hopefully one day!

  2. Mmmmm those look delicious. Wanna send me a little care package with some of your wonderful baked goods?? Pretty please :D