Elfie, my new best friend

Welp, I finally broke down and took a cake class. The class was at Blue Cake Company, and was so fun. I had never been there but walking in was really neat. There were only 3 of us in the class, and it was taught by the owner, Jan Lewandowski who was the nicest person I've ever met. Here's the description that got me pumped up about a month ago

Tiered Present Cake Class: Each student will fill, frost and fondant a 4" and 8" square tier and decorate with a present theme. We will demonstrate a variety of bows and tags to personalize the gifts. We will cover fondant covering and coloring, bow making, dowelling and traveling with tiered cakes. We will also cover figure modeling and make a figure for our cake. This is a two day class and will be Tuesday November 16 (filling cakes and making decorations) and Wednesday November 17 (fondanting and decorating cakes).

(sidenote: is fondanting a word? Okay, back to blog)

Last night was the first night of it, and although we didn't stick to the schedule exactly, I had a TON of fun. We ended up making decorations for our present cakes. AKA: bows and ELFIE (new best friend).

Anyway, I guess you want to see pics. Here are the bows.

I know, I know. Exciting, but no Elfie...

After the bows, we moved on to our figure. Thus, Elfie was born!

Is he cute or WHAT? How could you not love those little ears? And those buttons? Sheesh!

I had to leave little man at the bakery to dry overnight, so I tucked him into the corner with his friends. They love each other.

That's Elfie on the left.

Tonight I will embark on another adventure at the bakery. Can't wait to blog about it tomorrow! So come back and see the finished creation.




  1. Oh how adorable!!!! Elfie is precious! Great work, as always!

  2. You are improving with every little flourish!!The elfie is so tight! And yes I just used a word from our middle school daze :P