Thomas the Train

I have been desperate to show you my latest (and greatest) creation: Thomas the Train cake!

I made it for my favorite little boy in Fayetteville, Ben. It was his 2nd birthday and he LOVES Thomas. Like seriously--he is obsessed. Here's the cute little guy

(how could I say no to that face?!)

And here is the cake! Very proud I must say. Very proud. The cake is a chocolate cake with a buttercream icing. Decorations are fondant (yes I made the Thomas as well as his friends coming out of the tunnel. Clever, I know.)

Here's a closeup of the top. I thought it was sooo cute and could've been served like that alone :) Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Kati! This cake is TRULY adorable. My bf, Justin, was in awe of it. I think he secretly wants a Thomas the Train cake. You are getting better and better every day!