How It All Began

I'm sure many of you have heard of the Julie/Julia Project, in which a young woman makes a commitment to make Julia Child's recipes and blog about them. Being the "creative" girl I am, I decided to do the same thing, but with a slight spin. I want to make cakes. So, this blog is about me, Kati, learning to make cakes - a journey I'm sure will be not nearly as easy as I am anticipating...

Kati's Cake Project had a simple beginning. It all started when I, Kati, was watching my favorite TV channel, TLC. I happened upon the show Cake Boss, one of the shows I love, when I started thinking to myself that I could do that.

Here is the picture of the cast of Cake Boss. Buddy (center) is the star of the show.

I don't know if you've ever seen the show or not. Basically, it's about a family living in New York who own a cake bakery called Carlo's Bake Shop. The show consists of crazy cake orders and the chaos it takes to make the cakes in the show.

So I starting doing some research online and found lots of cakes that I thought I could probably make. Since it was getting close to Christmas, I decided to put some of the stuff I had found (books, classes, gear) on my Wish List.

Christmas day, my beloved boyfriend, John, came over with a big box. I expected it to be a watch hidden in the box so I would be tricked, but when I opened it, I found an assortment of cake decorating things. John said he couldn't find a beginners set, so he made his own. Here is a picture of it:

A few days passed, and now I have started practicing. It's not great but here is what I did so far. Keep in mind please that I have never decorated a cake (at least, not to make it look good. I've added sprinkles to stuff before...)

Obviously I'm not very good at the bows...

Anyway, I guess I'll practice more later. I've got to get some different tips so I can move on to my next practice sheet!

Happy New Year!

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